June 14, 2010

The X-Babies: Stars Reborn Trade Paperback is now available! It collects the whole miniseries plus a bunch of development sketches in the back. It's kind of weird to see drawings that were just mad scribbles as I tried to figure out things out there for everyone to see. And those are just the smallest fraction of design sketches. I've got pages upon pages of designs for Veech and Nandy alone!







March 18, 2010

    Skullboy on Rockband!

Breaking news! If you've got Rock Band and an XBox 360, you can now get Stewart's "Dance With Me," otherwise known as the Skullboy Anthem, right now from the Rock Band Network! You can get it right here on the Xbox Live Marketplace! It's only ONE DOLLAR, and a hoot and a half to play through. Although maybe that's just me grinning like a kid at the fact that there's Skullboy stuff on my TV. I hope Stewart decides to put more of their stuff up, because they've got some really catchy songs that aren't Skullboy related!

In other more technical news, apparently my comments service recently changed hands/brands/something. I think it's borking a lot of stuff and all old comments are long gone, so just bear with me while I try to figure stuff out. Man, this website is falling apart already...







February 14, 2010

     It's Valentine's Day! Time once again for this website's apparently only regular feature! This year, I decided to follow the latest trend in romance - Vampires! And what could be better than the O.G. Dracula himself - Vlad the Impaler!

February 3, 2010

Panel to Panel III

     In another attempt to appeal to the high brows amongst you, and to make people believe I'm a legitimate artist rather than a funny doodler, I have some pieces going up in an actual museum! Well, an art gallery at least. I'm not exactly sure which pieces will be there, but I'm sure there's some Skullboy, some X-Babies, and maybe some Spongebob stuff.

     The exhibit will be showing work from myself, Chris Giarrusso, Geof Darrow, Grey Williamson and Carbon Fibre, Sydney Jordan, and Jesse Lonergan. There's an opening reception this Saturday, Febrary 6th. Psst! There's usually free food at these things!

January 28, 2010

This is it! The time is now! The final issue of X-Babies is out! Here's a preview of the first couple of pages. Spoiler warning -THERE IS STILL FIGHTING.

X-Babies #4 Covers!

Here's an early review! Here's another!


January 20, 2010

X-Babies: The Aftermath
X-Babies: The Aftermath

The Stack!
The FInal Page: Spoilers!

     It is 2010, ladies and gentlemen! A fact so futuristic, it took me twenty days to realize! Happy New Year! I finished up work on X-babies in the tail end of last year. Now I have a stack of about ninety pages of a single comic story! That's pretty much the biggest thing I've ever drawn. It's pretty hefty when you're holding it. X-Babies #4 should be out next wednesday, January 27th, and believe me, it's a humdinger! If you're a fan of any of the X-Men, you will not want to miss at least flipping through this in the store! I will be at Comic Book Jones in Staten Island that day signing books and doing sketches with that guy Chris Giarrusso, who will be trying to horn in on my business drawing kid versions of superheroes.

     In other notes, I have an X-Babies piece up in the Mid Ohio Con Charity Auction, up on eBay right now, benefiting The Hero Initiative. Check it out!


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