December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays, folks!


November 30, 2007

     Just a note to say that Savage Dragon #134, which came out this week, features a brand-new Skullboy strip. The Mighty Skullboy Army is just filling in for Chris Giarrusso's Comic Bits this issue. Pick it up and check it out! I think there's also a Savage Dragon story in there somewhere too. What a deal, eh? I've got MY copy!








November 27, 2007

     I'm still juggling a couple projects, so the semi-frequent sketch thing has been put on hold. One of these projects is a new Mighty Skullboy Army comic, which I hopefully will have done in time before the New York Anime Festival on December 7-9! If all goes according to plan, I'll be set up in Artist's Alley for that show.

     In the meantime, here's a handy Beetlebug Comics shopping guide for the holidays. The Minicomics are $3.00 each and the shirt is $20, which includes the cost of shipping. I'll be shipping #9 when it's actually finished, which should be real soon. Use the cart buttons to pay through Pay-Pal, or you can e-mail me about other payment options. I'm sorry to say, I'm at least temporarily out of XL shirts.

     Also, if you plan on ordering anything else on Amazon.com this holiday season, please consider using my Amazon.com Affiliate link. It doesn't cost you a dime and sends some of those Amazon.com sheckels my way.


October 31, 2007

"Mummy came in my house."     This was probably my second favorite movie ever. I kind of regret drawing Frankenstien already, because here he is again. I should have drawn Dracula. Shows just how much I plan these things out.

     Happy Halloween, everyone!



















October 30, 2007

October 25, 2007

     It's a classic today! Also, as a bonus, a drawing of me in my aforementioned Garfield costume when I was in first grade. It's drawn from memory, so I don't know exactly how accurate it is. It was just one of those plastic masks and smock from the store. I remember that I was also wearing hunter orange clothes underneath, cause you know, Garfield is orange. That was the only time I had a store bought costume. After that, it was all homemade, most variations on this silver pant and shirt combo. That costume became an astronaut, a Ghostbuster, and Voltron.













October 24, 2007

My internet was out yesterday, so here's TWO sketches for today. One more week until Halloween!


October 22, 2007

    Yeah! AMC's showing back to back horror movies! Halloween is cooking now!

October 19, 2007

"So, where are you from...Originally?"

     Okay, after numerous requests, here's the Librarian Ghost! Don't say I never gave you anything. This one was pretty fun to do, so I'll call it even. More monsters up next!

October 18, 2007

"Mother puss bucket!"     I tried to think of the most harmless thing, something I loved from my childhood, something that could never ever possibly destroy us: Mr. Stay Puft...We used to roast Stay Puft marshmallows, by the fire, at Camp Waconda.

     And that's it for Ghostbusters monsters. More monsters to come!












October 17, 2007

"Nimble little minx, isn't she?"

My pal Brian Smith sent me this awesome color version of yesterday's Slimer drawing. And Gozer is weird.


October 16, 2007

"He's an ugly little spud."     I also love Ghostbusters. I was a Ghostbuster for Halloween at least twice when I was a kid. I was Garfield only once.









October 15, 2007

"Okay, who brought the dog?"     Unless I come up with some great idea that I just gotta draw, it's pretty much going to be monsters and spooks from here on out until Halloween! I love Halloween.










October 12, 2007

"Yes, have some!"     I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween.















October 10, 2007

     I've been meaning to get around to drawing this for a while. Chickenhare is another fine Dark Horse book, done by Chris Grine, who I was lucky to meet in San Diego this year. Chickenhare is a fantastic book, suitable for all ages, action packed and funny, but with a dark edge to it. Check it out, if this seems up your alley. Chris is already set to release a second Chickenhare book, which means I better get cracking if I'm gonna keep up.















October 9, 2007

Fibonacci, bitches!     The story you're about to see is a fib, but it's short. The names are made up, but the problems are real. I was working the day watch out of Mathnet. My partner is George Frankly. The boss is Thad Green. My name is Monday. I'm a Mathematician.
















October 8, 2007

     The new, comics themed issue of L Magazine is out, and it DOESN'T include the new Skullboy strip I submitted. I guess it wasn't Sad Diner enough for their tastes. I tried real hard, though! Check it out for yourself.








October 5, 2007

     Sketch #12 - Resident Evil: Extinction! While not a perfect movie, RE: Extinction certainly offers some satisfying zombie action for the holiday season, I'll say that. And it's better than any third movie in a series based on a video game has any right to be. This is actually a Two-in-One sketch. I drew Alice yesterday, but didn't get it posted. I added all the zombies this morning. I don't know if it works better with the zombies or without, but I had fun drawing them, and isn't that the point, really?

October 3, 2007

     And with the Tenth Doctor, this series is done! Ten Doctors in ten days, right? Right. Tune in next time to see what I draw next.















October 2, 2007

     Sketch #10 is the Ninth Doctor. Dang Spider-Ham, throwing off the count. Only one to go! Then what will I do? Any suggestions?















October 1, 2007

     The Eighth Doctor, who only appared in the pretty bad Fox TV movie. Although, I was kind of psyched about it when I was a teenager, mostly because of being able to see Dr. Who done with a TV movie level budget. Unfortunately, even that guy from Mad TV couldn't save that movie. Suprising, I know!















September 29, 2007

     Ugh. Busy day today. Here's a quick one. The Doctor Who series will continue later.











September 28, 2007

     Here's the Seventh Doctor, the last "real" one before the relaunch. This guy was my favorite Doctor who didn't have the advantage of a robot dog. I even have a comic in which he fights Marvel's Death's Head. I think this happened more than once. If so, I need to track down those comics.
















September 27, 2007

     I'm back! And because I was gone for so long, here's a Two-For Thursday. I didn't really do any sketches on the road, but here's the Fifth Doctor (to the left) and the Sixth Doctor (to the right), both resplendent in their stripey pants. I rather liked Peter Davidson (#5). He was also "that dude from the veteranarian show my parents watched." He was a casual doctor, bringing out the tennis shoes with his sprig of celery. I don't know what to say about the Sixth Doctor. I really don't remember much from his era. That outfit is an eyesore though. Yikes.














September 20, 2007

     Day four! Just under the wire! And here's everyone's favorite (or would that be favourite?), the Fourth Doctor. I mostly liked him because he had a robot dog.

     Sad news folks, I'm making a trip to the homestead in Northern Maine, otherwise known as the land of dial-up. I'm still going to try to do a sketch a day, but I might not be able to post them until I get back next week. Of course, that means I could just scribble a bunch of stuff out on the bus ride back, but you'll never know!














September 19, 2007

     Ha, HA! I made it to day three! Are people setting up betting pools? They should be! Anyway, the third sketch is of the Third Doctor Who. This is how I'm getting my momentum going. Which also means that after I've drawn all ten Doctors, I'll probably crap out. I don't remember much about this guy except that he drove a car dubbed the Who-Mobile. I predict that will be the next thing they bring back on the new show. The Doctor will find this old-timey antique automobile in some forgotten room in the Tardis and will spend the rest of the season restoring it. Excitement abound!














September 18, 2007

     Two days in and I'm already losing it. My computer's power source failed last night and I spent most of the day getting things back up and running. How long can I keep this up?! Tune in and see! It won't be forever, I'll tell you that!

     Second sketch: Second Doctor, the Moe Howard of Doctor Whos. You can see where this is going. If you love drawings of cantakerous, quirky, old British men, the next eight days are going to be an absolute scream.














September 17, 2007

     What? Update my website once in a blue moon? Okay. Since we're such pals and all. Let's try this sketch a day thing that's popular with the kids these days. Let's see how long THIS lasts.

     In order to get this started, here's The First Doctor of Doctor Who fame. Doctor Who could be a scary show when I was a kid, and the First one was the scariest one. He could be cruel and belligerent to his enemies AND his companians. As a kid, I didn't like the early, black and white Doctor Who episodes as much as the later ones. They lacked color, were much slower paced, and the creatures were even more laughable. But, in rewatching them now, there's a lot of creepy atmosphere. I just saw a whole episode that took place entirely in the Tardis, with just The Doctor and his three companians. There were no monsters, no special effects, just a sense of mystery and paranoia that kept me enthralled.

     Anyway, this is a sketch a day, not an essay on old Doctor Who a day. I gotta keep these short or I might not want to do it tomorrow..














July 16, 2007

     Moustached Organism Designed Only for Killing. Yup, it's M.O.D.O.K. with a Wilfred Brimley styled lip warmer. You're welcome Randy and the internet.

Only a week and a half until the San Diego Comic Con! I'll be in Artist's Alley at table FF-15! I'm getting excited!


July 7, 2007

     The "Help Me Promote Skullboy on Amazon.co" contest is over and we have a winner! It was a tough call, but there was a last-minute high-quality entry from Devin T. Quinn with an insightful and descriptive review. That's how you do it, people! But don't be too sad everyone else. I've got runners-up prizes for the rest of you. So e-mail me your addresses and I will send off your prizes post haste. Thanks a lot, everyone!

     Here's my Burgertime comic from last year's Lifemeter minicomic for the first time in full color.

June 21, 2007

     Phew! I've been working on a lot of projects, so I haven't posted in a while. I have a lot of news, so let's get down to it "Bullpen Bulletins" style!

ITEM! I will be at the magnificent MOCCA Art Festival this weekend, June 23-24. Apparently, I will be set up at table B49, wherever that may be. I'll have all sorts of goodies there including...

ITEM! ...a scintillating new Skullboy minicomic. It's in a slightly different format this time and is designed to fit right alongside your copy of the Mighty Skullboy Army Collection. Eventually, I'll have it for sale in the store, so if you can't make it to MOCCA, you'll still be able to check it out. In the meantime, enjoy this "trailer" of non-sequential panels.

What could all this be about?

Exciting, eh? But also...

ITEM! ...the fine folks over at Lifemeter The Website will (hopefully) have the second volume of Lifemeter The Book! This collection looks mind explosionly awesome and is chock full of exceptional talents. Go to the Lifemeter website for the complete rundown. I've got a bunch of stuff in there as well, including a few Guitar Hero comics.

ITEM! Newsarama just posted an interview with Marvel Editor Extreme, Aubrey Sitterson, where he talks about the upcoming yet-to-be-named Marvel Indy Anthology. This anthology looks awesome and I'd probably be buying it even IF I wasn't a part of it. Newsarama posted a few pages from the story that I did for the anthology, "Lookin' Good, Mr. Grimm!" in which the Thing grows a moustache as well as stuff from James Kochalka and Dash Shaw. I never thought they'd let me do a comic again after their response to my bragging about drawing the best Stilt Man comic of the year (From last years Stan Lee Meets... series). I fully expect The Punisher to shoot all of the Fantastic Four in the crotch with a bazooka after this.

ITEM! Due to overwhelming response from Newsarama message boards posters, I'm getting in my pitch for Marvel Moustaches before they give it to Robert Kirkman. I'm saying it now - Moustaches are the new Zombies.

The Mighty Marvel Moustache Society

ITEM! Only a short while left until the end of the Help Me Promote Skullboy Contest! Post your review of the Skullboy Collection on Amazon.com for the chance to win the watercolor piece pictured below. There have only been a few entries so far, so now's the time to jump on this! You have until July 1st!

ITEM! I also notice that the collection is part of Amazon's 4-for-3 promotion, where if you buy 4 eligible items, you get the lowest priced item free. I'm just saying that's all.



May 16, 2007


     Well, at least one prize anyway. It's the Help Me Promote Skullboy Contest! Starting today and running through the end of June, post your review of The Mighty Skullboy Army Collection on Amazon.com. At the end of that period, my favorite review will receive the painting to the left over there, measuring 9x12 inches on watercolor paper stock. If I actually get more than ten entries or so, there may be more prizes. We'll see. Family and personal friends are not eligible. You guys get enough free junk.













May 2, 2007

Let Me Show You Them     My name is Jacob Chabot, and I am a Pokemaniac. I've spent an accumulated week of my life playing various Pokemon games. I've seen the siezure footage and lived. I've driven great distances to obtain Mew. I saw the first movie in the theater. I know the tragic origins of the animated Meowth. I actually know which one is Meowth. And it's happening again.

     I just picked up Pokemon Pearl for the DS and have been playing it as much as I can. Once again I will try to catch them all. Which is something that throughout four different games, ranging from the original black and white Gameboy to the Gameboy SP, I've yet been able to do. Despite the fact that I've pretty much given up on video game RPGs (They're too long, too complicated, too repetitive, too BORING) Pokemon always sucks me in. Granted it's something I just can play on the subway or in a waiting room, but it's also surprisingly deep for a paper/rock/scissors style turn based game. I find myself playing it on my couch instead of console games or watching TV. I've always been impressed by the rich fantasy world created by Pokemon as well. Sure it's aimed at kids, but a world in which you leave home to travel the countryside to catch and train exotic creatures to fight appealed to me for some reason. It's a free life full of adventure and MONSTERS! I've been trading with kids in Japan too, which is more exciting than I expected it to be. If anyone wants to friend me, my code is 0301 6264 1993. Anyway, here's a drawing to celebrate my Pokemania featuring some of my favorites. I briefly considered trying to fit every Pokemon in there, but then I remembered I had a video game to play. Oh, and other stuff to draw too I guess...

     Here's some links! Another review of the Skullboy vinyl and a dubious eBay auction (seriously, I number them arbitrarily. There must be at least a dozen "#1"s out there.).












April 18, 2007

     The internet is slowly supplanting my memory. Yesterday, I offhandedly responded to some joke my roommate made with "That's mighty funny!" I then had to explain that was the catchphrase/punchline to this not-so-great comic I barely emembered from when I was a kid called Mighty Funny. It was about a superhero who made these god-awful jokes and each strip ended with someone saying "That's mighty funny!" I even tried to draw Mighty Funny, but couldn't for the life of me remember what his face looked like. I tried an internet search for "Mighty Funny," but it didn't get me much but websites where people were saying things were mighty funny. Go figure. I did however, find one, ONE mention of someone trying to remember if Mighty Funny was real where someone mentioned "The Mini Page," which I included in my search. It wasn't until I saw this that it all came flooding back. Rookie Cookie! Mini Slueth! That dog and that penguin thing! Thanks internet, for remembering things so I don't have too!

     Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention - The Skullboy vinyl toy came out last week!!! Here is a review of it! People review toys! I never knew. The review also links to some places where you can order it online if that is something you desire.

     Also, upon request, I've added kids shirts to the Cafe Press shops in the store and put up an Amazon Affiliate link for the Stan Lee Meets... hardcover in which my Stilt Man story appears in. Feel free to spend at will.








April 12, 2007

     Hey, check out this sweet Unit 1 charm given to me at the Hanley's signing! This charm was made by Oscar Nieto, who designs these kind of charms for rockstars like me. If you're also interested in rocking it like a rock star, check out his website!

     And speaking of rocking it, Lifemeter posted one of my Guitar Hero comics that I did for the upcoming Lifemeter mini comic. There's three in all, but you'll have to check out the book this summer for the rest.







March 31, 2007

     Just a reminder!. This is today!


March 28, 2007

     I'll be doing a signing at Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan this upcoming Saturday, March 31st, from 6 to 8. Come on by if you'd like to get your copy of the Mighty Skullboy Army book signed. There will be some other folks there too, including J.D. Glass, K. Thor Jensen, and Miss Lasko-Gross. Sure to be a swell time!

     Here are some more reviews of the Skullboy book! All-Ages Reads on Newsarama, The Comics Alliance, The Library Journal, and Static Multimedia. As always, if anyone finds any more reviews, send 'em my way!

     Also, check out Skullboy's photos from Wondercon.

February 28, 2007

     I'm about to leave for Wondercon in San Francisco. I'll be in Artist's Alley with my pals Chris Giarrusso and Gregg Schigiel. I'll probably also be doing a signing at the Dark Horse booth as well. I'll have copies of the Mighty Skullboy Army book for sale as well as some shirts and prints and a few old minicomics.

     Here's another review of the Mighty SKullboy Army trade from Comics Should Be Good.

     Here's a drawing I did last year at MOCCA while trying to look busy. It's based on a description of a story my friend Andrea wrote when she was younger. It involves two mystery-solving girls who fight monsters and such. One girl is wicked acrobatic and the other has this computer thing to look up information about the monsters. I guess it's basically what amounts to a laptop these days.












"You're very handy, I can tell."February 22, 2007

     Because this is awesome and I hadn't drawn any Ghostbusters stuff recently, I had to jump in with this Egon and Janine piece. When I started drawing, I thought I nailed Egon right off the bat and had to work a little harder on Janine. Now that it's finished, I feel just the opposite. Egon looks a little too boyish. Maybe it's the eyes, maybe I should have thickened the eyebrows or added more wrinkles, I don't know. Likenesses are a tricky thing that I have a tenuous hold on at best. Oh, and that's a Twinkie. It would have been more obvious if I had bothered coloring it.










February 20, 2007

     I played Gamma World with a bunch of my friends over the weekend. This was the guy I played, Officer Steve. In a post-apocalyptic future, a scientist found a 1950's era New York City Police Officer frozen in a block of ice. Since thawed, his hair grows unnaturally fast. Still believing it to be 1959, Officer Steve has hitched a ride with a bunch of ne'er-do-wells to get back to New York City to report back to his precinct. The scienctist, apparently a big fan of old Marvel Comics, equipped the man frozen in time with a shield for his journey. I probably should have just posted this in the sketchbook section, but mostly I just wanted to bump those pictures of Skullboy in his underpants down. They were starting to creep me out a little bit.










February 19, 2007

     The anatomy of Skullboy! I was recently asked if Skullboy was all bones under his suit or not. I always kind of pictured him as not due to his tiny, sausaged fingered hands. So, this is what he looks like in all his undignified glory. Enjoy ladies! Also, Skullboy wears brief-style underpants, because those are the most comedic of underpants. As an added bonus to the anatomy of Skullboy, here's the drawing that Randy mentioned in an earlier post. I've always been trying to figure out how Skullboy's mouth worked exactly. Sometimes I regret designing him that way. Other than some slight twists of that row of teeth, all of his emotions have to come through in his eyes. Also, if I was to say, translate Skullboy to animation, how would I animate him talking? Should I redesign his mouth entirely?

     I'm going to conventions! It turns out I will actually be at the New York Comic Con this upcoming weekend, despite the fact that it most likely will be a madhouse. I'll be at the Dark Horse booth at unspecified times. I'll keep you posted when I know more. But also, I will be attending Wondercon, in San Francisco the following weekend. Hope to see you there!


February 14, 2007

     Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some very special Valentine's Day cards that you can send to all of your friends. Make sure you give one to your teacher and that kid nobody likes too. Or, if you'd rather, you can get ones with pirates, or monsters, or boxing Santa Claus, or great disasters, but those are sooo one to four years ago.

     Whew! It's been a busy week! There's an interview with me up at Atomic Comics, another fine purveyor of The Mighty Skullboy Army trade. If you're in the Arizona area and looking for a copy, stop by and tell 'em I sent ya! Invincible Super Blogger Chris Sims, whose blog I check out fairly regularly for commentary on comic punching and kicking, posted a sweet review of the book. If anyone knows of any other reviews, please send them my way. And here's a photo of the Skullboy vinyl, which I just saw up at Toy Fair. Also, while I'm linking, there's a video of me drawing Skullboy up on Youtube. I never knew I could draw that fast!

February 7, 2007



     The Mighty Skullboy Army book comes out today! Here's some wallpaper I whipped up for the occasion. Dark Horse sent me a preview copy, and it looks really sharp! For a measley ten bucks, you get all the minicomics including the long out-of-print first issue, the story from New Recruits, a previously unpublished story, and several rare single page strips. Head on down to your local comic shoppe to check it out, and maybe even buy it! If you're in New York City, I know Jim Hanley's Universe, Midtown Comics, and Forbidden Planet will have copies for sure. Forbidden Planet will even have signed copies if everything goes smoothly this morning! If you prefer, I set up the Beetle Emporium with Amazon Affiliate links to order the book online. If you use those links to order through Amazon, I get some of that action. Which, you know, is a good thing.

February 2, 2007

     It's Groundhog Day! And in (coincidental) honor of the Bill Murray film, here are the samples that I did trying to get a job on the 88 MPH Ghostbusters series a few years ago. It's the part of the movie where they get their first call. I spent a lot of time freeze-framing the DVD for reference. I was also trying real hard to emulate the look they were going for, to no avail really. I felt like I was making a lot of compromises to how I would have naturally drawn it. Plus, I did the whole thing over a weekend, which didn't help the sparse backgrounds or stiff figure work, especially on that last page, where I was loosing a lot of steam. I spent a lot of time just trying to keep the linework clean and tight, which is not something I usually do in the pencil stage when I'm going to ink myself. The whole thing was a pretty frustrating experience for a job I knew I had no chance in getting, but since it was Ghostbusters, I had to try. I'm still pretty happy with some of it. That's a sweet Ecto-1, probably the best car I've ever drawn, and I feel that's a pretty good Janine resemblence.

January 24, 2007

     Some Skullboy minicomics got reviewed on the Comic Maker podcast. Check it out to hear a rare dramatic reading of a Skullboy strip! It's the first thing talked about, so you don't even have to listen to the whole show if you don't want to, but by all means, feel free to if you do. New Sketchdump up too.

January 17, 2007

     Some new sketches up in the Sketchbook. And by new, I mean old. Seriously, these things are over two years old. I'm just going through my hard drive and finding stuff to post. One of these days you'll get some actual new stuff. But not today.

January 15, 2007

     Today I worked up this flyer to print out and take to comic shops to help promote the Skullboy book, the release date of which is getting ever closer. I thought it'd be cool to do something with all original art and was kind of entertaining in it's own way. Hopefully it's eyecatching enough. If you want to help out and promote the book or just want a Mighty Skullboy Army poster, here is a pdf of the flyer to print out for yerself.
















January 11, 2007

     Hey, guess what I got in the mail today! Come on, guess! If you said Transformers: The Movie on DVD, then you'd be right! I hope it's got the swears in it! I just wish that they kept the original poster art for the cover instead of that new comic book style art. And it's got this lenticular art that's on a card, but not part of the packaging. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? I mean it's cool and all, but it's just going to kick around and clutter up the place, and believe me, I have ENOUGH clutter. But, oh yeah, I also got a sample of the Skullboy Vinyl too. Check it out. It's six inches of awesomeness. You can't understand how psyched I am that this is a real thing and that I'm holding it my hands. I hope that we sell enough of these to justify doing a Unit 1 and a Unit 2. So if you want to see those guys, you better buy a Skullboy as well, that's all I'm sayin'.

     I also posted another sketch. Even though it's techically the 11th now, I haven't gone to bed so it's still only one day later. So there.





January 9 , 2007

     Yes, Happy January 9th Holiday everyone! Man, I haven't updated this website since LAST YEAR! Aaaa-ha ha ha ha! That joke never gets old. But seriously, it's been a while since I've updated, I know. I've been working on stuff for the upcoming Skullboy Trade Paperback and, as I probably haven't mentioned this yet, Skullboy Vinyl Toy! I'm going to try to update more often. I'm shooting for posting a sketch a day, but most likely it'll be weekly (and don't sue me if it ends up being monthly, but if it's less often than that, I officially lose.). But TODAY, you get FOUR sketches, you lucky dogs.


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