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Skullboy crossed over with Chris Giarrusso's G-Man in a backup comic strip published in Savage Dragon issues #108, #109, #116, and again in #129 and #130! Check your local comic shop for these awesome comics if you want to save on postage. Otherwise you can order them for cover price from the Savage Dragon Store. I highly recommend all issues of the Savage Dragon for knockdown, all-out, super hero action.

My Burgertime comic and NES Pro Wrestling piece are in the Lifemeter minicomic, available on their website!

Lifemeter #2 contains my Guitar Hero Comics and a lot more good stuff!

If you're interested in variety, Skull Co. brings to you Mighty Skullboy Army T-shirts, craftily crafted of only the finest materials that Cafepress can buy. Visit these shops for a variety of shirts with the featured image. If you have any specific shirt requests, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

This store features Unit 1, under his self-given nickname "Mr. Awesome!" Now you can give yourself the same nickname!

Who doesn't like shirts with adorable monkeys on them? Communists, probably. Also maybe the blind.

It's the Skull Co. Expansion Store out of Albuquerque, featuring the latest in Skullboy Army fashion! The whole Army is in effect on these shirts.

Welcome to the Skull Co. Bargain Outlet, where the majority of our prices are the same as the regular shops! Check out this pixelated portrait of the Mighty Skullboy Army.

Not Skullboy related, but still pretty neat. Animals on Bikes! That's crazy!

I am also available for commissions. Please e-mail me for details.


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